Signing up for ‘Veganuary’

Veganuary LogoHappy New Year!  As part of a new year’s health kick, we are taking part in Veganuary – giving up dairy products for January.

So far the main challenges have been getting used to soya milk in tea, (the jury is still out!), and reading the ingredient list so carefully on everything I buy.  Very few supermarkets seem to label foods as vegan, and even their websites are fairly unhelpful.  But in 3 days I have learnt a lot, and we’re not yet missing cheese too much!

A common reaction from people we have told about this is “what on earth will you eat?!”, so for the duration of January I’ll try to post pictures of our everyday meals on Facebook and Twitter, (links on the right of this page).

Here’s a taster of how we’re getting on:

 Day 11 Dinner - Butternut Squash & Mushroom RisottoDay 4 Dinner - Quesadilla with Sweet Potato and Avocado

Day 9 Dinner - Chana Masala and Lentil & Spinach DahlDay 3 Lunch - Falafel Carrot and Peri Peri Hummus Wrap   Day 10 Dinner - Pasta with Pepper, Mushroom & Tomato Sauce    Day 8 Dinner - Full English Supper  Day 6 Dinner - Udon Noodles with Thai Coconut Vegetables     Day 3 Project - Roasted Tomato Sauce

Day 5 Dinner - Mushroom Risotto

I won’t bore you with posts about all my meals throughout January, but keep and eye on Twitter and Facebook if you’re interested in how we’re getting on with Veganuary!

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4 responses to “Signing up for ‘Veganuary’

  1. vicki clark

    Thanks for the motivation, just signed up myself for this challenge x

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  2. I’m doing vegan January too! I’m only posting vegan recipes on my blog all through January. I’m actually enjoying it so far, but ask me again in a week and I bet I’ll be missing cheese ;) I’ll be checking back here to see how you’re getting on, good luck with it! Your meals so far look great :)

    • Fab, I’ll have a look, starting to run out of ideas now! And yes, its proving far less difficult that I thought so far.
      Funnily enough I was talking about your blog yesterday with your future mother in law, who I sit next to in the choir at St Mary’s… such a small world! Kx

  3. looloo

    Loving all the ideas . Thanks for sharing

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